* Due to the current A.I. situation, RAW home studio samples are available on request only for the time being. *

• Demvox Eco100 4’x4’ vocal booth with additional acoustic treatment*

• Vocal booth sound insulation: 43 dB in accordance with ISO 717-1

• Vocal booth noise floor: -70dB

• Acoustically treated control room

• Neumann U87 Ai

• Neumann TLM 103

• Neumann TLM 107

• Neumann TLM 102

• Neumann KMR 81 i

• Sennheiser MKH 416

• Shure SM7B

• Universal Audio Sphere DLX

• Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017 preamp

• Universal Audio Apollo X4 interface**

• Fully wired with Mogami cables

• 23" Dell monitor & optional 12.9" iPad Pro for dubbing/ADR

• Macbook Pro M1 Max, 64 GB RAM, macOS Monterey

• Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro

• Audio plugins including: iZotope (RX 9, Ozone 9, Nectar 3, Neutron 3), Waves Mercury, FabFilter, Soundtoys and a collection of VSTs and sound FX libraries

• Source-Connect (Standard or Now), Zoom (Pro), SessionLinkPRO, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Discord

• Logitech BRIO 4K Ultra HD Pro webcam in booth

• Steady fiber wired internet connection (2 Gbit/s down/up)
* Demvox Eco100 4’x4’ vocal booth is professionally tuned with additional acoustic treatment by Dion Posdijk.
** Universal Audio Apollo X4 interface is enhanced with custom UAD Apollo Plugin Presets by Jordan Reynolds.

• FAQ •

1Is it possible to hear a free audition take?
Yes, always available to record an audition take to see if I'm the right fit for a role or project, free of charge!
2Is it possible to live direct during the recordings?
Absolutely! Remote recording options are Source-Connect (Standard or Now), Zoom (Pro), SessionLinkPRO, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Discord.
If preferred, other free videoconferencing software is possible too.
3How soon can I receive a voice recording?
Delivery of recordings depend on the amount of work, the type of work and the project deadline. Please get in touch for an estimate!
4How will the final recordings be delivered?
As .wav files, 48kHz, 24 bit and/or as .mp3 files, 320 kbps, but most other audio file formats are possible too.

When the files are too large to send through email, I'll send a dropbox link (or another FTP of your choosing, provided there is no additional membership required of me).
5Will the recordings be delivered dry/RAW or with processing?
At the client's or studio's preference, I deliver my recordings dry/RAW as recorded and/or processed. I have a standard plug-in chain set up for a natural yet clean sound.

If further post-processing is preferred that's also possible for an additional fee.
6Can I use your voice/recordings for A.I.?
No, I do not give consent for usage of any of my recordings or other materials for creation of any synthesized or "digital double" voice or likeness of myself, A.I. machine learning or any other similar processes.

Please don't do this without someone's knowledge and permission. If you notice my voice/likeness being used for this purpose, kindly let me know so I can take action!
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