Nola Klop is a bilingual (English and Dutch) voice-actress, singer, composer and YouTuber.
After receiving her Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition for the Media) in 2016, she's currently doing the Master of Music at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Nola has always been fascinated by sound. Growing up in a creative and musical family, she found her place in theater, animation, games and music. Born a storyteller, she creates narrative with a lot of passion, whether by voice, music or sound.

Because of her education and experience as a music technologist, Nola works fast and efficient in her home studio, but would also gladly visit the studio of the client's choice.








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Voice acting & Singing
Often described as young, fresh, warm, friendly, energetic and flexible, Nola's voice brings life to a wide range of characters and delivers your message as voice-over.

As a singer and actress she knows how to get the right emotion across, fluently in English and Dutch.

Music & Sound Design
Looking for compelling music and creative sound design? Nola is experienced in audio for animation, games and shows.

Known for imaginative sound effects, catchy melodies and songwriting, her work captures the right atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression.

Casting & Directing
With her extensive network of voice artists, Nola can help you find the right voices for your project.

Furthermore, as a voice actress herself, Nola has experience on both sides of the glass and can direct your cast to help them deliver their best performances.

Translation & Copy editing
Got a script in need of translation or review?

Nola's bilingual background and affinity for language puts her in an excellent position to translate your scripts (Dutch to English or English to Dutch) and make sure they are ready and optimised for your voice artists.



Bunq: Voice-over

During the broadcast of the 2018 Soccer World Cup, Nola’s voice was on air as the girl from Bunq.


Micazu: Voice-over

For the Micazu commercials on radio and television, Nola has been the voice-over since 2017.


Inspirium: Voice-over

In an installation for Inspirium Hospitality Mall, Nola was cast as this mysterious talking mask.


Spotify: Voice-over

On Spotify, Nola can be heard in various commercials since 2016.


Deliver Us The Moon: Sarah Baker & System Voice

In this atmospheric game you can hear Nola as the Dutch-American astronaut Sarah Baker and British System Voice.
Available for PC on 28-09-2018.


Renowned Explorers: Min Jeong

In The Emperor's Challenge, the new expansion for the game Renowned Explorers Nola has given a voice to the peppy Korean girl Min-Jeong.
Available for PC through Steam.


Awesomenauts: Ksenia Theme Vocals

For the English theme song of the Russian character Ksenia, Nola performed the singing and rapping.
Available for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE.


Wonder Golf: Alice

In this addictive puzzle game you play as Alice, a character voiced by Nola.
Available for Android and iOS on Google Play and in the App Store.


StoryZoo: Toby

In addition to being the original Dutch and English voice of Toby, Nola is also the singer of the songs in StoryZoo.
On air every workday on RTL Telekids.


Gnome Alone: Chloe

In the adventure film Gnome Alone you can hear Nola as the Dutch voice of the teenage girl Chloe.
Available on DVD and Video on Demand.


Treehouse Detectives: Jay

For this adorable Netflix Original show, Nola is the Dutch voice of the hyperactive boy bird Jay.
The first season is now available on Netflix.


DC Super Hero Girls: Mera

In the Dutch version of DC Super Hero Girls Nola can be heard as Mera, the tough princess of Atlantis.
Based on characters from the DC Universe.
Season 4 is now available on YouTube.


Aufseherin: Hebe Kohlbrugge

For this beautiful animated short Nola is the voice of Hebe Kohlbrugge, a Dutch resistance fighter during WWII.
Now available on Vimeo.


Monster High: Moanica D'Kay

In the movies Welcome To Monster High and Electrified Nola can be heard as the Dutch voice of the bitchy villainess Moanica D'Kay.
Both movies are available on DVD and Video on Demand.


Hatchimals: Penguala & Draggle

In Hatchimals Nola is the Dutch voice of both the jokester Penguala and the enthusiastic Draggle.
The first season is now available on YouTube.


Lieve Lieverd: Lieve, Belle & Verteller

As the voice of Lieve Lieverd you can hear Nola as the Narrator, Lieve and her little sister Belle in the app and videos.
The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play and in the App Store.



StoryZoo, Vol. 2
♪ Lead vocals, backing vocals and voice of Toby ♪

StoryZoo, Vol. 2 is the brand new album from StoryZoo with the full versions of the Dutch songs from the second season of the animated series, on air on RTL Telekids.
The album is available on: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.


Cover Time, Vol. 1
♪ Vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, mixing and mastering ♪

Cover Time, Vol. 1 is a cover album that features English and Dutch songs from My Little Pony: The Movie, composed by Daniel Ingram.
The album is available on: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Napster and Tidal.



  • Voice acting for our game 'Deliver Us The Moon' was one of the goals during our Kickstarter and it has indeed become an important part of the game. With Nola's help we found a diverse cast that we are very proud of.

    We are all very enthusiastic about 'Sarah's Song', the track that Nola sung and wrote together with Sander van Zanten. It adds an extra dimension to the game and a wonderful surprise for the player during the credits. She has a nice "Disney" quality to her voice that touches people. Thank you very much for your creativity and dedication!
    Paul Deetman & Koen Deetman
    Founders of KeokeN Interactive
  • For our game 'Deliver Us The Moon' Nola connected us with a diverse cast of motivated and skilled voice talents. Later, in the studio, she directed the actors with precision, calmness and gentle certainty.

    When behind the microphone herself, Nola assumed her role with natural ease, was quick to understand directions and delivered an outstanding performance. A pleasure to work with!
    Sander van Zanten
    Freelance composer & sound designer
  • I had the pleasure of recording Nola a couple of times for voice overs. She has a wide range of voices, and has this level of goofiness that's extremely contagious.

    Recommended if you're looking for a Disney-ish voice, or an answering machine, or simply anything in between.
    Felix Jr. Pulmano
    Composer at Guns For Hire
  • Nola is a remarkably skilled voice actress with a very creative and multi-lingual portfolio. Not only can she interpret directions very well, she is also highly independent and self-directing and keeps precise track of the narrative and knows exactly what characters need.

    I have worked with Nola on several animations and games and gladly recommend her as a composer, sound designer and voice artist.

    Nola is a skilled and passionate worker and a great asset for any audio team.
    Tom de Smit
    Sound designer at Bohemia Interactive
  • I've gotten to know Nola as someone who is fully committed to a project and puts in her heart and soul. And that really shows. Her music, singing and voice acting is full of life and I still get goosebumps every time I hear something new from her.

    Nola is very pleasant to work with and always ensures clear communication, both as part of a team and individually. Hopefully we'll get to work on many more projects together!
    Marieke van Middelkoop
    Freelance animator & illustrator
  • Since 2,5 years Nola is the original Dutch and English voice of our character Toby from the TV series StoryZoo. She's also the singer (and composer for some) of our StoryZoo songs.

    We are delighted to have chosen Nola for this crucial role and can't even imagine "Toby" ever being voiced by anyone but her! She is an ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate worker. Always friendly and we appreciate her very reliable way of communicating.

    Being a production house, it's also great that Nola is very reliable with deadlines and in case something unexpected suddenly pops up, we can always be assured that Nola will pick it up and deliver. Her acting and singing talent is outstanding and very special! Many thanks for now and we look forward to many more "Toby" related projects!
    Johannes Gropp
    Founder of StoryZoo B.V.


info@nolaklop.com • (+31)614715404 • VAT: NL210138658B01

Each project has its own price tag.
Please contact me for more information, a non-committal quotation or a free audition demo.
Let's work together and create some magic!

So far I've done work for: dubbing, animation, games, toys, corporate videos, (medical) instruction videos, explanimations, voice response, E-learning, navigation systems, jingles, theme songs, radio commercials, TV commercials and internet commercials.


1How soon can you deliver a voice recording?
Usually within 24-48 hours!
2Studio equipment?
Demvox Eco100 vocal booth, Neumann TLM 107, Neumann TLM 102, Shure SM7B, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen, Cloudlifter Z, Triton Audio FetHead, iMac Pro, iPad Pro, Logic X, Final Cut Pro, professional editing & mixing plug-ins
3Favourite food?
Sushi <3